Tibanna Mynocks (6)

Tibanna Gas Refinery Encounter

A highly adaptive breed of mynock found on Bespin and other worlds where Tibanna gas is mined, Tibanna mynocks have evolved the ability to breathe even in air highly concentrated with toxic fumes. On Bespin, Tibanna mynocks often latch on to mining vessels or large containers carrying Tibanna gas. The container being lifted into the refinery is covered in six Tibanna mynocks, which continue to try to dissolve the metal of the thick container even as they are pulled into Cloud City.

This leathery-winged creature resembles a normal mynock, with a large sucker mouth and dangling eyes. However, it seems to have some kind of gills on the sides of its neck, and as it exhales, it releases puffs of green gas.

Tactics – Tibanna Mynock (6)

The Tibanna mynocks don’t like being disturbed, and when the Ugnaught boss bangs on the gas container, they fly out into the refinery in a frenzy. The Tibanna mynocks have no intelligence for tactics, but they are familiar enough with Ugnaughts not to attack them, focusing their efforts on the heroes.

Tibanna Mynocks (6)

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