Tibanna Gas Refinery Encounter

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Encounter Summary

This encounter takes place in the bowels of Cloud City in a Tibanna gas refinery chamber

Encounter Map

Swdod tibanna gas refinery

Encounter Details

When they spy or approach the Ugnaughts:

The air is hot and muggy in the Tibanna gas refinery, and everywhere machinery rattles, hums, or hisses as gases are vented or heavy equipment is moved. Five Ugnaughts scurry about the area, working to make sure all of the machinery is functioning properly, and one of them stands in the rear of the chamber, near a massive crane. The crane is lifting a 3-meter-wide Tibanna gas container up from somewhere beneath the grated floor. As the base of the huge container passes the floor, there is a hiss as pneumatic grates slam shut beneath it, allowing the crane to set it down.

The Ugnaughts have connected a small pump to one of the massive Tibanna gas storage tanks (which is clearly labeled in Basic, Bocce, and a dozen other languages) and are transferring the gas into dozens of smaller containers, each small enough for an Ugnaught to carry.

One of the small porcine being grunts as he shuffles around the refinery floor. Wearing what looks to be a heavy smock, its surface pitted and burned, the Ugnaught scurries from one machine to another, dark eyes fluttering about the chamber as though fearful of being caught.

DC 25 Perception check

  • Failure – see only the 5 Ugnaughts
  • Succeed – see 5 Ugnaughts (carrying blasters) and 6 mynocks

This was an epic case of the 15’s…no one spotted the mynocks for…FOREVER! Just before that attacked…finally Verger saw them.

Confronting the Ugnaughts

BD-80, with SevFortu backing him up, attempted to bluff that he was here for an inspection. Jedi non-master Morin mind tricked one of the Ugnaughts to give BD-80 control over the computer console so Bd-80 could review the Tibana gas production records.

Apparently the “Boss” of the Ugnaughts didn’t like that idea and banged his carbine on the side of the Tibana gas tank and started initiative.

After a grueling, yet remarkably unremarkable battle, the Boss was finally killed by Morin, and the remaining 2 consious Ugnaughts surrendered.

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Tibanna Gas Refinery Encounter

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