The Parliament of Guilds

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Fyren and Krygg

Following the directions they received from the back trace of the encoded message, the heroes leave the tourist areas of Cloud City and begin descending into the industrial sector.

  • Humans become less and less common, and Ugnaughts outnumber other species almost two to one in these areas.
  • The directions lead the heroes to an office marked “Parliament of Guilds—Sector U357,” which appears to be little more than a bureaucratic office.

As the door to the office slides open, over a dozen Ugnaughts look up from computer terminals or end conversations with one another abruptly. There is a long moment of silence as the Ugnaught workers all turn their eyes toward you. Breaking the silence, one of the Ugnaughts squeals and grabs another by the coat, shaking his comrade roughly.

“I told you they would find us!” the Ugnaught shouts. “You’ve brought them down on us, all because of your meddling! They will kill us for sure!”

The second Ugnaught, fighting desperately to break free of his companion’s grasp, cries out pleadingly. “We don’t know that they work for the Hutt! Maybe they could help us.”

They continue to struggle with each other for a few more moments, but SevFortu steps in and separates them.

The first Ugnaught, introduces himself as Krygg, and begins begging for his life.

We meant no harm

The second Ugnaught, introduces himself as Fyren, and indicates that they noticed you snooping around after Darga and thought you might be enemies of the Hutt. He then blurts out.

bg). Krygg you are spineless.

Lets go to my private office and talk in more details?

You are escorted to a very small, cramped, but Ugnaught sized office where Fyren and Krygg begin to tell the story, but you interrupt. Searching the office you find 5 “bugs”, and decide to hold the conversation out in the cooridors while BD-80 translates the conversation into the Jawa Trade Language…for privacy purposes of course. In reality, BD-80 was just covering up the fact that he doesn’t know the native language of Ugnaughts.

Krygg says:

Ever since Darga set up his operation in Cloud City, it has caused no end of trouble for us, particularly those of us involved in the Parliament of Guilds. Darga began bribing a number of Ugnaughts working for Figg and Associates in order to siphon off some of the spin-sealed Tibanna gas for sale on the black market. When Figg & Associates discovered the missing Tibanna gas, they began taking their complaints to the Parliament of Guilds. Knowing that the Ugnaughts were responsible for the missing gas, but not knowing which ones, the Parliament had no choice but to issue tougher restrictions on all Ugnaughts. Over time, the situation has degenerated to the point where our reputation is close to being ruined.

Fyren then continues explaining:

When we noticed you searching for Darga, I sent you a message to dissuade you from searching for the Hutt further. I was just trying to stop you from getting too involved in dealings with the Hutt, and to lure you here. I left a wide open train for you to follow to hoping you would come, and we could pursuade you to assist us. If you help us find which Ugnaughts are on Darga’s payroll, we will provide more information that could help you find Darga here on Bespin.

We were almost at our last hope, and were considering dealing with the bribed Ugnaughts ourselves, but we believe you are much more suited and exprienced in dealing with those under Daga’s employment. We don’t necessarily want you to kill the Ugnaughts that Darga has bought, but we understand that things may get messy.

The heroes agree to the deal

We know that Darga has been dealing with the Empire, and we believe that a transaction is about to take place. So far we have tracked the source of the Tibanna gas being sold on the black market to one of our gas storage areas deep within the city.

Fyren and Krygg give the heroes directions for getting to the Tibanna gas refinery location where the gas has been syphoned. They also provide a warning: The Wing Guard rarely goes into those depths, so the heroes will be on their own down there.

Discovering the Bought Ugnaughts

Following the directions given to them by Fyren and Krygg, the heroes made their way to one of the Tibanna gas storage areas, and BD-80 entered.

Tibana Gas Storage Area

  • These gas storage chamber areas are unguarded.
  • The sound of machinery is quite loud in these areas.
  • There is no trace of human or ugnaught in the cooridors.
  • When they begin to enter one of the spin-sealing chambers they overhear a grunting conversation between several Ugnaughts.

Any heroes who speak the Ugnaught language can hear the conversation, and it is here that everyone finds out that BD-80 doesn’t know Ugnaught. Breha blurts out:

What good are you? I’ve never spent the credits on translator because we had you! And you don’t even speak Ugnaught!

DB-80, with his head hung low, enteres the chamber.

The air is damp, and the acrid smell of smoke is thick here. The corridors are cramped, clearly designed for workers of smaller stature, and heavy machinery, some of it rusting and extremely aged, litters the area. The sound of metal-on-metal is almost deafening in places, and many of the machines look corroded and covered in a green-tinted sludge, byproducts of the Tibanna gas spin-sealing process. Unlike the rest of the city, this area seems more like an aging factory than a luxury resort.

Tibanna Gas Refinery Encounter


4 Ugnaughts were not killed (only the boss). Need XP totals.

Session Ended Here

The Parliament of Guilds

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