Arrival on Bespin

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In A Wretched Hive, the heroes leave Cato Neimoidia and head to Bespin in pursuit of the Hutt crime lord. However, your heroes may not have come directly to Bespin, and in fact it’s very likely they didn’t. If your heroes decide to stop at the rendezvous point to touch base with the Resurgence, pick up supplies, and drop off Master Denia so that she can receive proper medical attention, allow them to do so. Though a sense of urgency should hasten their steps, there is no reason for them not to come to Bespin fully rested, supplied, and ready to tackle whatever challenges Darga throws at them. However, neither Captain Verana nor any of the other members of the Alderaanian resistance have any more information or credits for the heroes. They are welcome to rest and recuperate aboard the Resurgence, but their mission is not yet finished.

When the heroes eventually make it to Bespin, they find it a far more hospitable environment than either Felucia or Cato Neimoidia. Though Cloud City has not yet reached the prominence it will enjoy under Lando Calrissian years later, it is still a wealthy settlement where entrepreneurs have made small fortunes for themselves.

Drop out of Hyperspace

Cloud City’s automated Message to Spacers instructs the Banshee to:

Spacecraft on route to Cloud City, contact spaceport control to request permission to land. We welcome you to Cloud City where you may wish to participate in or watch the upcoming Cloud City Sabacc Tournament, a spectacle for all ages.

As a result of heavy tourist traffic from the sabacc tournament, each ship will be assigned a landing priority.”

Landing was no issue, but there was a 12 hour wait to land due to the crappy priority the heroes were given. Once landed they were confronted with three cloud city officials who demanded search of the Banshee. The offials were sufficiently bribed for 900 credits and intimdated to forgo the search, however the city laws prohibit having lethal weapons in the city without a formal Writ approving them.

Since the heroes were not able to openly take weapons into the city, they began hiding weapons on their persons, and then finally disembarked from the ship.

Cloud City

As you leave the three custom officers you begin to meander towards the city proper. You see all sorts of visitors shuffling their way out of other docking bays, and all seem to be jovial and walking with purpose. There is a significant buzzing anticipation in the air.

  • Cloud City overview
  • Cloud City Wing Guard continues a vigilant eye for weapons., but rarely shake down anyone without a clear reason

A Few Wrong Questions

  • Gather information to find Darga always results in no information, no one has seen or heard from Darga.
    • Most citizens don’t know anything about the crime lord
    • Citizens seem afronted that they may associated with crime lords
  • Computer system access (Cloud City Computers)
    • Unfriendly to anyone who accesses it from a location other than a designated high-security area.
    • From a Wing Guard security post, they determine they could access the central computer with a friendly attitude, but don’t take the risk since other opportunities arise.

When the heroes contacted Organa for a Sabacc Tournament, the return message was a prompt “no”, please investigate his whereabouts further. Attached to this return message was an encoded transmission. The message simply states,

If you are wise, you will stop asking so many questions. It is a long drop through the clouds, and enemies of the Hutt have a bad habit of vanishing.

The heroes track down this transmission and it leads them to The Parliament of Guilds.

Arrival on Bespin

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