A Fosh bounty hunter that can use the force

Type Value Type Value
Name Verger HP 56(56)
Race Fosh 2nd Wind 13
Gender Male Speed 6
Level 5 BAB +4
Class Scout3/Jedi2 Grapple +3
Exp 10025 Damage Threshold 17
Attribute Value Defense Value
STR 10 FORT 17
DEX 19 REF 22
CON 13 WILL 19
INT 15
WIS 16
CHA 19
Skill Value Skill Value
Acrobatics 6 Mechanics 4
Climb 2 Perception 10
Deception 6 Persuasion 6
Endurance 8 Pilot 11
Gather Info 6 Ride 6
Initiative 11 Stealth 16
Jump 2 Survival 10
Knowl.(Bureaucracy) 4 Swim 2
Knowl.(GalacticLore) 9 Treat Injury 5
Knowl.(LifeSci.) 4 Use Computer 4
Knowl.(Phys.Sci) 4 Use the Force 11
Knowl.(Soc.Sci.) 4
Knowl.(Tactics) 4
Knowl.(Tech.) 4
Talents Page Description
Acute Senses CR49 reroll Perception (mtr)
Telekinetic Savant CR100 Swft: 1/enc, return Force disarm, slam, thrust, or Move Object w/out FP
Improved Initiative CR49 reroll Initiative (mtr)
Feats Page Description
Weap.Prof.(Simple) CR89 no -5 penalty on Atk
Shake It Off CR88 spend 2 swift actions to move +1 up CT
Weap.Prof.(Pistols) CR89 no -5 penalty on Atk
Weap.Prof.(Rifles) CR89 no -5 penalty on Atk
Point Blank Shot CR87 +1 on ranged Atk and dmg v. point blank foes
Precise Shot CR87 no penalty shooting into melee
Force Sensitivity CR85 can make UtF checks, can select Force talents
Force Training CR85 Learn # of Force Powers = 1 + Wis mod (min one)
SkillTrain.(UseTheForce) CR88 become trained in one class skill
Force Powers Page Description
Move Object CR98 Stnd(w/in12sq):UtF v.Will. Hurl v. target’s REF, dmg both. DC15 (med,2d6 dmg), DC20 (lrg,4d6), DC25 (huge,6d6), DC30 (garg,8d6), DC35 (col,10d6). FP=incr.object size 1(3) cat. & +2(6)d6 dmg.
Force Grip CR97 Stnd (w/in 12 sq.): DC15: 2d6 dam, if check over target’s Fort Def, target can only take 1 swif next turn or 1/2 dam & may act, DC20: 4d6 dam, DC25: 6d6 dam, spend FP to deal +2d6 damage
Vital Transfer CR100 Stnd: DC15: heal HP = 2 x target’s level; DC20: 3x; DC25: 4x; take 1/2 dmg healed, FP = no dmg, DP = target +5 CT
Negate Energy CR99 Rxn: Negate energy dmg if UtF >= dmg. Failure takes dmg as normal, must be aware of atk. FP to regain HP = to dmg.

You were recently hired to help protect the crew aboard a Corellian freighter called the Annic Nova. While on Nar Shaddaa the previous co-pilot was killed in a scuffle (that you helped dissipate), and you were hired to protect the new co-pilot. The captain seems brash enough to not worry about himself, and the captain indicated that it is hard to find a good co-pilot, and therefore you are to protect the new co-pilot named Morin.

What Has Happened to You

Over the past 6 months news has trickled down from the stars (holonets really) that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has declared himself Emperor of the first Galactic Empire. He apparently has the troops, wherewithal, and might to support such a claim. Here on Nar Shaddaa you find that most people are largely indifferent to such transpirings. You know, as well as others, that Palpatine has always left the Hutts and their space (more described below)alone, and everyone seems to think that will still be the case even now.

You have been on Nar Shaddaa for 9 months looking for a break and someone to finally hire you, in any capacity, to take you off of this rock. Although you do appear to enjoy Nar Shaddaa, you have a strong sense that you need to be doing something other than hanging out with a bunch of scoundrels on this moon. The need for credits so you can survive was really starting to take its toll on you mentally. You were down to your last credit when you witnessed the start of a scuffle.

You were in the Corellian Sector at the “pit” of an eating/drinking establishment called the Meltdown Cafe. This cafe is a common locale for bounty hunters and the like to hang out and negotiate business. You were there, and frequented the place often, to try and muster you way into a job…somehow. So far no luck.

At some point during the day while at the cafe a scuffle broke out between a human (you now know he was the co-pilot of the Annic Nova) and a nasty looking creature known as Warhog. Warhog, a Diollan, had been hanging around for weeks looking for work as you had been. Obviously Warhog didn’t like the co-pilot and they ended up getting into a fight. Next thing you knew, and you don’t know why, you stood up and jumped into the fray and tried to save the co-pilots life. What you said or did, you don’t recall, but Warhog looked at you and in a whistling Basic said, “Yes, you are right, this filthy human is not worth my time.” Warhog turned around and left the bar. You felt powerful for once in your life, but had no idea how or what you did.

Warhog’s beak and talons, yes he is a featherless avian creature, had already done enough damage to kill the co-pilot. The co-pilots life slipped from him in seconds. The captain of the Annic Nova had witnessed the whole event, and immediately asked you if you wanted a job as “security” for his ship. He couldn’t pay much, 10 credits per week, but he could get you off this rock and give some extra perks (food and shelter). You agreed, almost too hastily.

Your initial impression of the the YT-1930 class Corellian freighter (Annic Nova) was one of indifference (see attachment). It wasn’t a real cool looking ship, but it looked like it was well kept. The hyperspace journey aboard Annic Nova to Sel Zonn Station from Nar Shadda took 4 days.

During your journey you truly befriended the new co-pilot Morin (Russ’ character), and you feel he is taking on a deeper interest in you than just being co-workers (pull your head out…not sexual). You also feel a kindred spirit with Morin. This is what allows you to deal with his constant ramblings about philosophy. He bores you quite often with his ramblings, but his words often speak true to you somehow, and therefore you continue to participate in the conversations.

Knowledge You Know About Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa (where the scuffle happend) is the largest moon of Nal Hutta. More commonly known as the Vertical City, the Smuggler’s Moon, and Little Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa is similar to Coruscant in that its surface was entirely overgrown with city sprawl for millennia. But unlike Coruscant—which is only relatively rundown and dangerous on the lower and under levels of the world city—Nar Shaddaa is filthy, polluted, and infested with crime everywhere.

Ancient refueling spires and loading docks reach out from the native soil and some built in the upper atmosphere. In between these ports, massive vertical cities grew. The urban areas on Nar Shaddaa are known as vertical cities since new layers of housing and entertainment buildings were built on top of older layers, like Coruscant and Taris.

Nar Shaddaa is dominated by decaying urban landscape and congested, polluted cities. The moon is protected by planetary shields. Anything illegal elsewhere could be bought and sold on Nar Shaddaa, and many young smugglers, pirates and criminals have started their careers on the Smugglers’ Moon. Various sections of Nar Shaddaa are controlled by the Hutts and other criminal organizations.

Despite the criminal activities on the Smuggler’s Moon, it is known that many of the galaxy’s most advanced technologies are actually developed on Nar Shaddaa. Corporations that want to avoid regulations that prohibited testing often developed such dangerous and even valuable technology within the lower levels of the city of the moon.

Knowledge You Know about Nal Hutta

Nal Hutta (Glorious Jewel in Huttese), also known simply as Hutta, is the capital of Hutt Space and is located in the Y’toub system. The Huttese translation of Nal Hutta into Glorious Jewel stemmed from the nearby massive, radioactive gas cloud, which contained the planet Ganath. Nar Hutta was formerly known as Evocar and was the original home world of the Evocii, who were ousted by the Hutts in 15,000 BBY (current year 19 BBY), who migrated from their original home world of Varl along with their servants the t’landa Til. The planet is controlled by the ancient ruling Hutt families, who also rule its moon Nar Shaddaa from Nal Hutta.

Once it became known as Nal Hutta, much of the surface became covered by flat, marshy bogs, stagnant, muddy puddles and patches of sickly marsh grass inhabited by insects and spiders. The few other species to survive the Hutt’s environmental changes mutated and adapted to the pollutant laden environment. Some, like the Chemilizard were able to extract nutrients from the industrial waste of the Hutts. Others developed extensive chemical defenses. The areas still habitable by the native species were viciously competed for making the many of the species on Nal Hutta some of the most aggressive animals in the galaxy.

The atmosphere was also polluted by strip-mining operations and heavy industrialization, and a greasy rain drizzled down on the surface, although not to the extent of Dagobah. Raw materials were constantly strip-mined from the planet’s surface and shipped to Nar Shaddaa for processing and export.

The capital city, Bilbousa and the Guarja Shipyards are located on the planet.

Where You are Now

Now you find yourself (along with Russ’ character Morin) on Sel Zonn Station that orbits the Core World Brentaal IV. In your spare time you spend discussing philosphy with Morin—an Ithorian—much to your chagrin, but you continue to listen and participate in his ramblings.

You have been on the station for 3 days and have been tasked to help find passengers and/or cargo for your ship to ferry to Alderaan, the Annic Nova’s next scheduled destination. Your co-workers and you have been somewhat successful and have booked several people as passengers and have filled half of the ship’s hold. This might turn out to be a profitable trip…for the captain of course.

Knowledge You Know About Sel Zonn Station

Sel Zonn Station is one of over a dozen XQ2 Space Platforms in orbit around Brentaal. Manufactured by Bengel Shipbuilders some years before the beginning of the adventure, Sel Zonn Station has not flourished since the rise of the Empire.


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