Episode II - A Wretched Hive

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Between the stars in the blackness of space, the Nebulon-B frigate Resurgence floats silently away from the prying eyes of the Empire.

Meanwhile, the galaxy continues to sink further into darkness. Each day, remnants of the Old Republic are crushed and a New Order is more firmly established.

Former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth has provided Alderaanian agents with vital information on secret projects, and even now events are in motion to reveal the Empire’s misdeeds to the galaxy . . .

Chronological Adventure Logs

Part 1 – Cato Nemoidia – Arrival

Part 2.1 – Darga’s Palace – Court

Part 2.2 – Darga’s Palace – Darga’s Favors

Part 2.3 – Darga’s Palace – Droid Racing

Part 2.4 – Darga’s Palace – Discovering Denia

Episode II Summary

At a briefing aboard the Resurgence, Admiral Varth explains that part of his responsibility in a secret Imperial scheme known as the Sarlacc Project was to arrange the covert exchange of resources through a Hutt crime lord on the planet Cato Neimoidia. Captain Verana orders the heroes to travel aboard Captain Okeefe’s transport to Cato Neimoidia, make contact with Darga, the Hutt gangster, and discover what he’s trading with the Empire.

First, the heroes must find one of Darga’s underlings—a Devaronian named Warrick Raden—at a ruined warehouse. Though Raden does not wish to help them, the heroes must convince him to lead them to a hidden location in the city of Zarra. The building is in fact Darga the Hutt’s palace, which the crime lord took over after its previous Neimoidian inhabitant (a high-ranking member of the Trade Federation) vanished, leaving it abandoned. The heroes enter the palace and are granted an audience with the Hutt. Darga has ordered them brought to him so that he can size them up, and he offers to let the heroes stay in his court for a few days, giving them a chance to impress him and gain his trust.

The heroes stay in the palace’s guest quarters. During the final night of their stay, any Force-sensitive characters begin to hear whispers, as though someone were trying to communicate with them telepathically, and they feel a tugging in the Force toward one of the other rooms. Following the whispers, they discover a secret set of chambers below the guest quarters. Inside is a comatose woman, older and gray with weathered features, who is hooked up to machinery that is keeping her unconscious. Once the heroes revive her, they discover that she is a former Jedi Master named Denia who has been kept comatose ever since she fell in battle during the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, the heroes’ meddling hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Darga calls the palace guards, leaving the entire building in an uproar.

As the heroes fight their way back to the upper levels of Darga’s palace, they quickly discover that the Hutt is living up to his species’ reputation for cowardice. Terrified at the prospect of having a Jedi loose in his palace, Darga flees to his space yacht and takes off for the planet Bespin. Though the Hutt leaves town in a hurry, his minions remain behind to try to finish off the intruders.

Episode II - A Wretched Hive

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